2020 VNSL Season- Terminated

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Today, England Netball have announced that the Vitality Netball Super League (“VNSL”), as well as the Pathway NPL U21 and U19 Leagues, will be null and void.

London Pulse has recognised the logistical challenges faced by all clubs of being able to provide safe training and match environments for its staff, athletes and fans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is particularly disappointing for our fans who have seen our VNSL team produce three wins from three – will all of these matches being televised.  Our athletes are devastated not to be able to continue to play this season for the Club. We are also conscious that the Pathway NPL League U21 and U19 has also been declared null and void which is particularly tough for youngsters who move out of age.

London Pulse has already shown outstanding resilience in its ability to cope and adapt with the pandemic better than most. With the creation of a six day a week remote strength and conditioning (“S&C”)  and netball programme throughout the Club for all age groups, welfare calls once a week for athletes, continued physiotherapy support and  a comprehensive Performance Pathway “educate and inspire” programme, London Pulse’s response(?) been first class.

We will now move to a new phase of our “Educate, Train and Inspire” programme for our London Pulse athletes from the VNSL to the youngest HUB athletes, which will be adapted along with the lifting of COVID-19 restriction when safe to do so.

We are also grateful to our partners and sponsors including The Copper Box Arena, GLL, Gilbert Netball, Visions in Education, Sheen Publishing and The Beauty Spot.

Sam Bird, London Pulse’s CEO – “We have shown that for the 2020 season we can produce exciting and winning performances here at London Pulse in the VNSL. We will not dwell on what we cannot change, but our staff and athletes are energised to come back even stronger and to firmly put top class netball at the heart of London.  We will use this time to connect with the diverse community in London. This season may be over, but the story is only just beginning for netball in London.


Those London Pulse fans who have already purchased tickets for upcoming matches are invited to contact info@londonpulsenetball.com:

We are offering the following options for our fans:

(i) Exchange tickets for another match of your choice when the new season begins;

(ii) Put the ticket price towards purchasing a season ticket for 2021;

(iii) Exchanging the value of the ticket for London Pulse merchandise;

(iv) Obtain a refund.