Player Pathway

Player Pathway

London Pulse Performance Pathway

Our eight Hubs are the first step onto our Performance Pathway. The Hubs sit both with, and beneath our NPL Squads.  The Hubs provide a greater number of athletes’ access to the London Pulse performance environment, where athletes will experience both training and competition. Hub athletes may be nominated by their Hub Coaches into U17 or U19 NPL training environments at any time in the year.

Purpose of Hubs


The Hubs widen our athlete base, where we can continue to track and coach, athletes who are potentially future London Pulse NPL Athletes. The Hub sessions provide athletes with one localised training session per week. Within the Hubs will be our U17 NPL athletes. This provides the U17 NPL Squad with a second London Pulse training session in the week, their first being in their NPL training group, with Kat Whittall & Sue Kearsey. It is expected athletes within the Hubs will be aged U19-U14, the age boundaries are guidelines, if it is appropriate for athletes to be within the Hubs, they can be. It is expected, from a group of » 24 athletes approximately 6 x U19, 12 x U17 and 6 x U15.


The Hubs provide opportunities for identified coaches to Lead and Assist, in both a training and a competition environment. The Hubs should enable these coaches to gain experience to potentially become the next wave of London Pulse NPL Coaches.