Coaching Conference

October 13th, 2019

London Pulse will be hosting an inaugural Coaching Conference on the 21st November at the Copper Box Arena. It will be led by our Director of Netball, Sam Bird alongside ex-Australian captain, Vicki Wilson and current England captain, Serena Guthrie. They will each respectively lead a session throughout the day.

Sam’s session will focus on reinforcing best practice and positive mindset, as well as court skills. Then Vicki’s session will look at developing shooting technique, positioning and the attacking unit. Finally, Serena will lead a session on dominating opponents with strong and confident defending.

As part of the package, attendees are invited to attend a training session for our VNSL squad, which will be led by Sam Bird. This will also be held at the Copper Box Arena and will be a unique opportunity to watch a SuperLeague training session.

This conference will focus on key skills and techniques that will empower players to identify and fulfil their potential in all areas of the game. It is aimed at coaches who coach at county, pathway and elite level and to teachers who have a deeper knowledge of netball and coach their players to a higher standard of play. It is intended to use this conference as a way to improve netball at this already high standard.

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