London Pulse & Keating Chambers announce Corporate Cup

London Pulse announce new sponsorship partnership with Keating Chambers and launches the inaugural Keating Chambers and London Pulse Corporate Netball Cup.

New Corporate Cup

London’s only Vitality Superleague netball team has entered into a partnership with Keating Chambers, a leading set of commercial barristers’ chambers in London, to sponsor the London Pulse Corporate Netball Cup.

Keating Chambers are sponsoring a women’s and mixed netball tournament to be held at the Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park during Spring 2021. Corporate netball teams will have the chance to battle it out in the inaugural competition with London Pulse Superleague players assigned to teams to help coach and cheer them on.

Funds raised from the sponsorship and entry fees will support the London Pulse community netball programme, which includes:

· The provision of funding to talented athletes who otherwise would not be able to afford to be part of the London Pulse academy programme.

· Funding to provide extended education to London Pulse athletes on matters including nutrition, performance lifestyle and the management of studies with training and wellbeing.

· Signposting and introductions to vocational and academic institutions and careers.

· Providing safe travel to and from training and matches across London at night.

Sam Bird, CEO London Pulse
“I’m delighted that London Pulse has worked successfully with Keating Chambers to be able to deliver this event. The generosity of Keating Chambers, and those companies that take part, will assist London Pulse in finding and supporting new netball talent. Keating Chambers support our vision to connect with communities in London to play, watch and enjoy netball. This event creates a great chance for companies to support our programme and at the same time have an exhilarating experience at the Copper Box Arena”.
Marcus Taverner, QC (Head of Keating Chambers)
“We are thrilled to support this event. Netball is a brilliant game, which is growing in momentum – from grassroots corporate teams to the establishment of a London-based Superleague team. At a corporate level, there is a growing recognition of the need to find ways to balance professional life with ways to stay healthy and active – this tournament provides such an opportunity. We wish London Pulse every success with their community netball programme and hope the tournament will be a great success”.