Honey Bee & Co Becomes Official Honey Supplier to London Pulse

London Pulse are excited to announce a new partnership with Honey Bee & Co, a UK honey distribution company, to supply the VNSL squad. Honey Bee & Co is based in Cambridge and aims to help the UK and European bee population grow by supporting small beekeepers. Honey Bee & Co’s raw acacia honey is a fantastic energy booster, immunity system builder and stimulates digestion – ideal for professional athletes.

London Pulse CEO and Head Coach Sam Bird had this to say about the partnership, “Good nutrition is such an important part of ensuring our athletes remain healthy and top of their game.  This is why we are always looking to partner with new and exciting brands that bring a real value add to our sport. Our squad love the honey and we are delighted to partner with Honey Bee & Co.”

“With a culture of wellbeing, London Pulse is forging not only incredible athletes but strong role models. Honey can help athletes maintain muscle glycogen giving them the boost they need during the highest level of competition or training. We are thrilled to be a part of this journey and support the team.” Dragos Nistor and Anna Evingar, Honey Bee & Co

Visit https://honeybeeandco.uk/ to learn more and to purchase. Pulse members can benefit from an exclusive 15% discount – visit the members section of the London Pulse website to learn more.