In London Netball is for All!

This year has been a difficult one throughout our netball community, but while the difficult times have taken hold London Pulse has been preparing for the future and how we inspire and champion netball for all as sport reawakens across the country.

With the rise of mixed and now men’s netball as popular variations of the sport, London Pulse is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with the foremost Men’s netball club in the country Knights Men’s Netball. As a Pulse fan or follower of any Superleague franchise you may have seen Knights tour of the country over the last few years as they came to the fore providing practice and exhibition games to clubs at all levels of the game.

Sam Bird CEO and Head coach, London Pulse “I’ve recognised the value in men playing netball from the days when we played against them at England training in the 1990’s. Men’s netball has traditionally been strong in England and both the creation of the Knight’s men’s Netball and the growing number of men playing in mixed teams is leading to a step change in the profile of the men’s game. It makes complete sense to us to collaborate with Knights to promote netball for all in London.”

This collaboration will develop over the season but you can expect to see:

  • Co-hosted community events
  • Boys netball opportunities
  • Men’s netball matches as warm up games for Pulse fixtures
  • Promotion in London of netball in all its variations
  • Men’s London Pulse merchandise available to purchase from our online shop

“We are very pleased to be involved with our local Superleague club in championing netball for all within London. London Pulse have been a brilliant part of our progression as a club offering us so many opportunities to grow in ability and visibility by training with and playing against some of the best players in the country. This next step forward in working together to help build and unite the netball community in London is one we are very excited about because we have experienced first hand how great this community is and the support that is shown within it”. Lewis Keeling – General Manager Knights Men’s Netball

Knights will also continue their current remit of training alongside and playing exhibition games against London Pulse and the various other Superleague clubs and offering invaluable preseason opposition for all.

This collaboration along with our other “netball for all” initiatives is built upon our overarching goal to increase the profile and opportunities within netball in London for all who wish to play our great sport.