January 3rd, 2020

Daniel Lavipour is our Head of strength and conditioning (S&C) here at London Pulse and with the season opener just around the corner it is now, more than ever crucial that our players are on top form! I have been working hard with our athletes over the festive period to ensure we are fighting fit.

The purpose of S&C is to physically prepare athletes to perform to their potential and minimise their risk of injury.

Injury rates in netball are among the highest of all sports with the ankle and knee suffering the most serious injuries. The main causes of injury in netball are changes of direction, jump landings and the sport’s requirement to stop within two steps. To handle these situations players must be strong so they can abruptly decelerate large forces.

Whilst it is impossible to prevent all injuries, structured strength training can significantly reduce injury rates. Consequently at London Pulse, a key part of our preparation is profiling athletes for any weakness and we train them with individually specific strength exercises.

From a performance perspective Vitality Netball Super League is characterised by immense physicality and athleticism. Furthermore the game is often won in these moments.

At London Pulse, the S&C programme also works closely with the technical programme to ensure players have the physical skills they need to perform on court. What makes netball especially interesting as a S&C coach are the different physical requirements across the court.

Whilst players typically have a break from the court during this festive period, I have always found the holidays are a great opportunity to have a strong conditioning focus.

No matter your fitness in January, each new year brings an opportunity to lift your game and improve your fitness for netball. I am really excited to announce that I will be running a series of S&C sessions that are open for anyone to join. The sessions will take place at a gym in the Olympic Park every Tuesday night for 6 weeks from January 28th.

For those new to S&C these sessions will be a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals. For more information and to book your place please visit .

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