U21 NPL Match Report: Round 3: London Pulse 48 Severn Stars 41

Written by Jada Autumn

On Saturday, Pulse U21’s faced their third game of the season against Seven Stars. Despite the challenges presented by the opposing team, the team maintained composure and showed resilience throughout the entire game.

Starting 7
GS Freya Henshall
GA Rosie Bartlett
WA Courtney Ferns
C Ellie Chambers
WD Isla May
GD Jade Popoola
GK Darcie Everitt

Bench: Jada Autumn, Harriet Corbett, Emily Gillies, Beth Long, Matilda Smyth

London Pulse had a strong start in the first quarter but the opposing team’s defense worked hard to shut down our attacking plays. However, our players refused to let this discourage them and continued to work hard to find ways to get the ball down the court. The result was a close score at the end of the first quarter, with Pulse leading 12-8

No Changes for Q2

In the second quarter, our players began to find more success in attack. They worked together effectively to break through the tight defense, using quick passes and smart movement to open up scoring opportunities. Despite facing constant pressure, they remained calm and composed, making smart decisions with the ball.
Mid Quarter Change – Jada to C

Stars worked hard to turnover ball and were successful with the lead changing hands at halftime as Stars led 21-22

Q3 Changes: Matilda to GA Darcie to GD Isla to GK Jade to WD

As the game wore on, it became clear that the team’s resilience was a key factor in their success. Q3 saw another turn around as Pulse retook the lead winning the Q by 5 – 35-31.

Q4 changes: No changes to start the quarter but a mid quarter change saw Beth come on at C.

Pulse never let the opposition get them down and continued to fight for every point. This determination paid off in the end, as they were able to pull ahead and secure a win Pulse 48, Stars 41

Overall, it was a great team effort, with all players showing impressive composure and resilience under pressure. Their ability to stay focused and work together to overcome a tight game was a key factor in their victory. It was a true testament to the team’s character and their commitment to giving their best effort every time they step on the court.

Opposition PoM – Jada
Coaches PoM – Jade
Players Player – Courtney