VNSL 2021: Round 19 Match Report: London Pulse 46 – Saracens Mavericks 33

Written by Emily Marshall

London Pulse displayed one of their most clinical performances to date to keep top four challengers, Saracens Mavericks at bay, taking an impressive victory 46-33.

An electric and tenacious full team performance was executed by a Pulse team who were left depleted in numbers with injuries to Ellie Rattu and Kira Rothwell, as well as Halimat Adio still side-lined with her knee injury.

Mavericks, who were coming off the back of their illusive win against table-toppers Team Bath fell to defeat against a Pulse side who caused disruption across all areas of the court and ensured no opportunity went missing.

Quarter one began with neither team giving an inch, both battling it out in a closely contested affair, but it was Mavericks that led at the end of the first 12 minutes, 9-11. Defensively, Mavericks seemed to be coming out on top, with Pulse’s attacking end taking a while to compose and settle. Combinations with Dekker, Tchine and Rademan were all growing into the game, with the tempo all about to change.

Quarter two saw London Pulse begin their dominant performance, as the defensive duo of Keable and Fadoju created issues for Mavericks in attack and the attack ensured turnover was capitalized on to take the momentum forward going into the second half, leading 25-19.

Going into the third quarter, Pulse continued with the momentum, stretching out their lead to 12 goals, with Mavericks making numerous unforced errors in attack which Pulse managed to take to goal with impeccable patience.

It was in the fourth quarter where we saw Pulse come alive to continue pushing on for the win. Lindsey Keable came out with crucial intercepts, in a defensive partnership with Fodoju and Everitt which exposed the Mavericks attacking unit whilst Ash Dekker controlled Pulse’s attack to open the shooters.

Whilst a fightback from Mavericks did look to be coming with a run of 3 goals and intercepts from Gabby Marshall at the start of the final quarter, Pulse maintained their lead to take the game by a 13-goal margin.

Sam Bird: “I’m incredibly proud of what the squad put out on court in this match. That was the complete performance we have been working towards. They showed exactly who London Pulse are and what we are capable of.”

PoM: Ash Dekker

Squad: Starting 7: Tchine, Rademan, Dekker, Drayne, Everitt, Fadoju, Keable; Bench: Burger, Stibbs, Thomas