VNSL 2022 Match Report Round 14: London Pulse 53 Saracens Mavericks 46

Starting 7 today Liv, Sacha, Alicia, Tayla, Zara, Jas, Lindsay


The starting line-up stays steady from yesterday’s win v Wasps.  Both squads looking for the win sitting on the same points and goal difference in the table.

Mavericks turn over the first centre pass and take a quick 3 goal lead.  A turnover from the Pulse defense gets Pulse off the mark.  Nervy start from Pulse but a fantastic turnover from GA Sacha is worked to goal and sparks Pulse into action 6-7.

The quarter ends 13-13


No changes for the Pulse side as the 7 have settled into the game.  The quarter starts by going goal for goal. A precious turn over from Jas with 5 mins gone in the quarter but Pulse cannot reward it at the other end. After Mavs pull out a 3 goal lead – Pulse bring it back to level.

Tayla citing Liv with more and more ease as the quarter progresses. Precision balls from Liss flowing also.  Little to split these teams.

Score 26-27


No changes for Q3

First Centre pass and first goal from Pulse to bring us back level.  Mavericks pull out a small lead but in this see sawing match Pulse dig deep and pull us back level again.  Strong defensive works forces the turnover and Liv scores to take the lead 32-31.

Fantastic attacking turnover from Liss and we slot the goal and the momentum feels like it’s turning – Pulse lead 34-31. Changes from Mavs who can clearly feel it too.

Another huge intercept from Liss and Liv rewards with a goal.

Score 38-34


No changes as we enter a huge final Q.

Mavs get off to a quick start this Q and reduce the Pulse lead to 2. Early quarter change – Jayda to GK  – Pulse lead quickly back out to 4.

Huge rebound from Jayda as the momentum had started to lean in Mavs favour again– rewarded with a goal 44-41.  Followed by some incredibly patient play from the attack and Pulse lead pushes out to 5. The connection between Liss and Liv turning into a thing of beauty in Q4. And then another sensational intercept from Liss – this girl is on fire!

Final score 53-46 as Pulse celebrate a double winning weekend.

Sam Bird: “A really good performance, a brilliant game.  We’ve show we believe we are a fit team, we knew we’d be strong on a second day and we’ve shown that today.  I’m so pleased with the way we’ve responded to a couple of real stinkers of games.  We leave with the 6 points we came for!”

PoM: Alicia Scholes 

Thank you so much to all of our London pulse supporters who made the journey to Brum  – so happy to reward your support with 2 big wins.