VNSL Match report: Rd 15 – Pulse Tame the Dragons

Written by Berri Neil

After a successful double header weekender, Pulse were raring to secure another 3 points against Celtic Dragons on Monday night.

With Celtic Dragons having a successful win against Stars and a close game against Lightning, Pulse were more than aware that it would be a tough battle between the two sides and after a coach trip across to  Wales, Pulse were ready for a 5.30 start.With Funmi still out recovering from an injury the starting 7 was announced before the game.GK- Lindsay KeableGD- Jasmin OdeogberinWD- Zara everittC- Tayla honeyWA- Alicia ScholesGA- Sacha McDonaldGS- Olivia Tchine

 The quarter commenced and Pulse and Dragons battled away with a close first quarter, 6 minutes in and Pulse were at a tie with 4 goals to 4. After talks on social media, it was good to see Nia Jones and Alicia Scholes battle it out in Pulse’s attacking end. However after a good start from Dragons, Pulse went down 8-4 with 5 minutes remaining of the quarter.

However Pulse we’re not willing to give up and Zara Everitt got an awesome interception lifting the momentum and Pulse came back to 8-7 with Olivia Tchine seeing every shot through the net. The end of quarter score sat at a 10-8 slim goal lead to Dragons.

No changes into quarter two for Pulse and the fight continued.  Pulse took the stronger start, with Sacha showing some beautiful front sweeps to confuse the defence.

5 minutes passed and Pulse were now leading 15 goals to 13. With an outstanding roll to the pocket from Alicia, Pulse scored another goal. At half time the score sat at 25 goals to 23 after a 4 goal swing from Pulse.

Heading into quarter 3 Pulse kept the same 7. However Dragons came fighting back and after some strong play from Dragons defensive end the score sat level 5 minutes in. Pulse felt as though they had fresh legs on the bench and substituted Ellie Rattu into WD and shortly after Jayda Pechova into GD. Jayda made a huge impact as Lindsay turned over the ball instantly and Pulse managed to score. Pulse were leading 34-31 with 5 minutes of quarter 3 to go.

Pulse then made another substitution and put Ash Dekker into C. As the score sat at 38-34. Alicia had great vision and saw Tchine free under the post to add one more goal onto the scoreboard. However Dragons then began to fight back back. The end of quarter 3 score was 40-37. A huge final quarter was ahead.

Pulse felt confident with the squad of 7 on court and made no changes into the final quarter. Dekker had came on and made a real impact and with a great long drive to circle edge she found Tchine free under the post. Pulse played safe for around 5 minutes with only a 2 goal lead. Until there was an epic turnover and Pulse pushed the lead out to 49-45. The atmosphere was immense as the two teams battled out for the win. An attacking contact was pulled in Pulse’s shooting circle and the lead was back to two for Pulse.

With two minutes to go Pulse gave away possession but it fell right back into the hands of Ellie Rattu as she leaped through the air for a deal maker of an interception. Pulse managed to secure the win 51-49.

What a game and an epic contest for both teams.