Raising the Pulse of the England Roses

London Pulse are delighted to share that five of the VNSL squad have been selected for the England Roses Full time Programme and England Futures for the coming season.

Halimat Adio, after a standout season, has moved up to the England Roses full time programme.  Kira Rothwell, Zara Everitt and Olivia Tchine have been reselected for England Futures and Funmi has made the step up from National Academy & U21 squad to England Futures.

Sam Bird, Head Coach and CEO, London Pulse, had this to say: “To have 5 athletes in this programme shows the depth of talent that is being produced and nurtured at London Pulse specifically. Hali has earned her Full Time Programme Roses spot with outstanding performances this season and it should be remembered that the other four athletes are still all U21 but playing wonderful netball in the Pulse VNSL squad.  I wish them and all the Roses players nationally every success this year and in the future.”

You can read more about this here: England Netball | Vitality Roses cohort for 2021-22 announced