London Pulse VNSL Season Three – Game on…

It’s here. 341 days after our last Vitality Netball Superleague match we are ready to say – it’s game day. We’ve trained – harder and longer than we ever have before. We’ve analysed match play – we know our opposition and ourselves better than we ever have before. We’ve bonded – through the most unprecedented of times we’ve come together and built a team, a family like never before. And now it’s time!

“It’s not the will to win that matters — everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

We come into our first match having been through perhaps the longest pre-season in the history of sport but we come in strong. Every minute has been used to fine-tune our approach to the season. We’ve played 6 pre-season matches which has given us the opportunity to try every combination possible, allowed units to become cohesive and for us to focus on what it means to play the Pulse way.

The 2020 VNSL season was short – we only managed to complete 3 rounds. It had been a fantastic start to the season with 3 wins from 3 and we have focused on everything it takes to continue that momentum.

“While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.”

Our team remains largely unchanged this season but we have made some additions that have added significant value to our squad. The introduction of South African, Lefebre Rademan in the shooting circle brings depth to our attacking line-up and a tight partnership with Sigi Burger will bring a new dynamic to the court.

The leadership group remains in place – with Halimat Adio and Lindsay Keable at the helm as co-captains and Michelle Drayne rounding out the group.

Head Coach and CEO Sam Bird has also recruited a coaching dream team – joined again courtside by Fiona Murtagh and Danielle Titmuss and supported by the legends that are Amanda Newton and Vicki Wilson.

Sam Bird had this to say: “The squad is ready to compete, challenge and light up the VNSL. It’s time for London Pulse to represent.”

Now we turn to the 2021 season. There is so much for everyone who loves netball to be excited about. A new team welcomed into the league, new and exciting players from our national pathways and around the globe, and a new central venue format. The opportunity for our supporters to watch every single match live on Sky Sports for the first time in our sport’s history is monumental. Whilst we are so disappointed that our fans can’t be there in person to cheer us on, we are so excited that you will be able to watch every minute we are on court.

Our first match sees us meet our neighbours Surrey Storm. Our meeting in 2020 was a captivating match that ended in a Pulse win and we are ready to make a big impact again on Saturday. Make no mistake – we are a young team, about to play in only our 3rd season but we are ready to be contenders for the 2021 VNSL title.

Finally, we would like to shout out our London Pulse operational team who have worked night and day to ensure we are prepared and ready for the season. We also send our huge thanks to the entire London Pulse family of players, staff, contributors, partners, members and supporters.

To all of our supporters – you are the heartbeat of our club and we salute you and vow to repay you all with exciting, dynamic and winning netball!

Game on!

“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.”