London Pulse Black Role Models

Bianca Miller- Cole

Personal brand expert, business mentor, speaker, author and entrepreneur in Forbs 30 Under 30. She is a leading black role model for women who want to achieve huge success in the corporate business world. She delivered a specialist session in my introductory week at Accenture and she gave me so much confidence going into my job placement. (Ash Dekker)


Kobe Bryant

His work ethic and desire to do whatever it took to win (Kira Rothwell)


Michelle Obama

Inspiring because of her work advocating the importance of education and battling issues such as childhood obesity and encouraging young people to be active. She isn’t defined by her husband’s success, instead paving her own path and acting as a role model and someone to aspire to for our generation as a whole. (Emma Thacker)


Serena Williams

Fierce competitor and her athleticism is incredible (Michelle Drayne)


Kathrine Johnson

Female mathematician who didn’t let racial and gender discrimination stop her from her work. She was pivotal to NASA where her calculations provided the trajectory for the Apollo moon landing as well as many other projects. (Isabel Stibbs)


Simone Biles

Dominates in her sport of gymnastics, is the third most decorated gymnast of all time (at just 23) and has overcome abuse in her workplace. She brings such excellence and enjoyment. (Ellie Rattu)


Adwoa Aboah

Inspirational as she uses her supermodel platform to help young women’s health. Co -created the online platform “Gurls Talk”. Her philosophy is that by coming together we can become individually and collectively stronger, inspire each other and have a positive influence on the world. (Dannii Titmuss)


Samantha Wallace

She has consistently performed at a high level and has excelled wherever she has played (Monique Thompson)


Viv Richards

A sporting icon for me when growing up. Viv Richards an outstanding test cricketer and played for the West Indies – he is regarded as one of the best batsmen of all time. (Sam Bird)


Nelson Mandella and Chadwick Bozeman

They both showed that no matter what life throws at you, you can still succeed if you work hard and focus on your goal. Nothing in life can stop you from getting to your end goal apart from you. (Olivia Tchine)


Geva Mentor

An inspiring athlete and woman who has broken records by going to 5 Commonwealth Games (Lindsay Keable)


Dame Kelly Holmes

Incredible determination and commitment to achieving personal success on the track. The way she overcame mental and social barriers to become an Olympic legend has inspired so many others to try and do the same. Following her athletic victories, her efforts in opening minds to the importance of recognizing the impact of having por mental health on the athletes have been hugely influential. (Zara Everitt)


Khanyisa Chawane

Spa Protea player – a great example of whatever life throws at you, you can stand up and rise! (Lefebre Rademan)


Michelle Obama

For the magnitude of strength she displays on a daily basis. She does so much for the black community and works endlessly in trying to instill courage and wisdom to our women as well. I very much admire her and her work (Adean Thomas)


My Parents

Hardworking, God- loving, kind people. They always want the best for me and they strive to be our best friends, teachers and parents. Lastly no matter what, they always put me and my sisters first (Halimat Adio)


Nelson Mandela

His spirit cannot be crushed. Because he fought for those being treated unjustly. Even though he was imprisoned for his political views in the 1960’s he refused to give up his dreams and hopes for a better South Africa- which is equality for all South Africans. (Sigi Burger)


Serena Williams

So passionate about everything she does and has paved the way for black women in sport. She is such an inspiring person whose perseverance and determination has brought her to the top of her game. It has helped her to overcome so many barriers in her career and this motivates me to give my best in everything I do. (Funmi Fadoju)


Nelson Mandela

My black role model is Nelson Mandela. He was a determined and respected leader who fought for social justice. He quoted  “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do”.  He epitomised these words. (Fiona Murtagh)